Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging Services $75

What is x-ray Imaging?

X-ray imaging (radiography) is the most commonly used technique in radiology. X-rays are a fast and easy method for doctors to examine your body and make a diagnosis.

At Northwest Radiology, we believe in offering the highest-quality x-rays at an affordable, transparent price. Healthcare the way it should be.®

X-ray Imaging Prices


  • Used to image every part of your body and are used most commonly to look for fractures
  • Used to examine your chest, abdomen and superficial soft tissues
  • Fast and easy way to identify many conditions
  • No radiation remains after the radiograph is obtained.

  • You do not need an appointment.
  • Bring an order from your doctor.

  • A computer will analyze the receptor’s readings and then convert this information into an image on a video screen.
  • A Northwest Radiology board-certified physician trained in x-ray imaging will study this image and determine if more tests are needed.
  • Results are sent to your ordering physician and also posted to our patient portal.

What to Expect from Your x-ray

There is no preparation needed for an x-ray. Learn more about what happens during an x-ray procedure by watching this video.

X-ray Imaging Locations


Technologist was very helpful, understood my pain, assisted me at times, she made the experience more bearable. I really appreciated her.

X-Ray Patient December 2021 Product January 27, 2022

Service was fast. Took very little time to get x-rayed. Great staff at the front desk and the radiology area.

X-Ray Patient December 2021 Product January 27, 2022